Friday, February 17, 2012

February 15: Underdressed Baby

I underdressed Alex today. The temperature was in the 40’s when we left this morning, but we had a strong 15 – 20 mph headwind for the whole trip. At one point early in the trip I cupped my hand around his cheek to keep the wind off his face, and he insisted on keeping it there for the rest of the trip. Even his new Bogs boots – so highly recommended by other cycling parents – were no match for the wind. I should have either put on his long underwear, tucked a blanket around his legs, or braved the snowsuit again.

We hit the jackpot on the ride home. The weather warmed up so that I wasn’t running another risk of giving my poor kid hypothermia. Then, as we rolled past the fenced-in meadow at which I say every day to Alex, “Deer? Deer? Ohh, no deer,” we finally saw deer—a whole herd of them! I slammed on the brakes and we parked at the side of the road, watching the deer graze as car after car rolled past. Sudden stops for little wonders. Yet another reason to love biking with your kid.

Date: 2/15/2012

Destination(s): Daycare, West Hyattsville Metro Station

Total Mileage: 10.66 mi

Morning Temperature: 40°F, 15 mph winds made it feel like 35 or less

Clothing Notes: Baby A wore his mittens today! Unfortunately, they weren’t enough to make up for his chilly legs in thin knitted pants. Should have thrown a blanket or something on top of his legs. The wind was not kind to him.

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