Friday, February 17, 2012

Return of the B.O.B.!

That's right, the bike is back! It turns out that the true culprit in the flat tire may have been a crooked wire no thicker than a staple. The staff told me that the cut—which could have been made glass, though I still suspect a knife—didn’t go all the way through the tire. So we trundled down to BicycleSPACE in the stroller, paid for the new tube, and biked back home with the stroller bungeed to the back of the bike.

Have I mentioned that I love this bike? Folding up our ginormous jogging stroller and attaching it to the rack was predictably awkward, but having that big thing strapped to the back of the bike didn’t make any difference at all to how the bike handled.

Even though this wasn't a round trip and won't be an official Utilitaire-qualifying ride, I'm still putting it on my personal list for the sheer awesome factor. And I made it an honorary #TransportationTurducken.

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  1. You could actually count this with the Pedestrian Allowance rule, as you walked one way and rode the other!