Monday, March 19, 2012

Utilitaire Omnibus Wrap-up Post

Wow, that went fast. Well, Internet, we did not successfully complete the full Utilitaire challenge. I'm going to produce my Baby-issued Get Out of Jail Free card and say, "Hey, it's really hard to control your time when you're part of a two-career household with a child to care for." Even more so when you're moving house, helping to manage your nonprofit's annual Lobby Day, and picking up domestic slack for a spouse who's putting in some pretty serious overtime.

It eventually became clear that we weren't going to complete the Utilitaire challenge to spec. So instead, I decided to let the challenge inspire me to add some truly wacky utilitarian rides to our list just for the heck of it. In addition to lots and lots and lots of daycare/work commutes, we completed the following "utilitarian" rides:

We visited a museum!
His favorite thing to see is the gigantic stuffed "eppedent" in the rotunda

We (meaning I) completed some of our apartment move by bike!

Portland eat your heart out

We took our moving boxes (and other recycling) to the Transfer Station!

IKEA bags: what can't they do?

We attended a "community meeting" (in the form of a group bike ride that I organized) with other bikey parents and kids.
More fun than you can shake a pedal wrench at

So even though we didn't meet the Utilitaire challenge, we had lots of fun trying.

Many thanks to Chasing Mailboxes for setting up the Utilitaire challenge, and congratulations to everyone who succeeded!

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